Commercial Services

Commercial Air Conditioning FAQs

Can you service all types of air conditioners?
Please click here for the list of air conditioners we service.
Do you service all makes of air conditioners?
Yes, we service all brands of air conditioners.
How often should I service my air conditioner?
Commercial air conditioning systems generally should be serviced quarterly. This time frame is sufficient for most regular office environments. However, some manufacturing and other industrial applications may require additional servicing.
Do you provide a discount for servicing multiple air conditioners in the same building?
Yes we do. Our standard charge for an AC service for a single unit on a weekday is $242 incl. GST. However, EastlinkAir are able to provide a discount if multiple units are serviced on the same day. Based on a minimum of 6 units being serviced back to back on the same weekday, the charge will be $154 incl. GST per AC unit.

What work is carried out during a service?
During service of air conditioner units, we carry out the following tasks:
  • Refrigerant charge checked
  • Compressor windings and running operation checked
  • Indoor and outdoor fan motors tested for correct operation
  • Return air filter cleaned
  • Condenser coil cleaned and cleared of any debris
  • Thermostat operation checked on heating and cooling modes
  • All electricals checked for signs of loose wiring
  • Crankcase heaters tested
  • Fan motor bearings checked for signs of wear
  • Safety controls checked
  • Expansion valves and TX valves tested
  • Contactor and overloads tested
  • Condensate drain checked and cleared of any debris

NB -  all indoor unit checks are carried out provided an access hatch is located near the indoor unit.

Do you provide free no obligation quotes?
EastlinkAir provide free no obligation quotes for the installation of a new air conditioner or for the replacement of an existing air conditioner. If the air conditioner is faulty and requires repair, standard callout charges will apply as the technician requires time to diagnose the fault to enable a quote for repairs to be prepared.

What are your standard callout charges?
Our standard callout charges are as follows: Call Out $110.00 + GST and minimum 1 hour charged at our hourly rate of $110.00 + GST.
What forms of payment do you accept?
For our non-contract clients, payment is required on the day. We accept cash and credit card.
Do you purchase the unit for installations or do I need to purchase my own?
We have great relationships with different suppliers and are happy to provide you with a quote to supply and install an air conditioner. Our preferred brands are Daikin and Mitsubishi.
Will you charge to remove my old unit?
There is a small cost to decommission and remove the existing unit to waste.