Commercial Services

Keeping buildings free of excess water

A sump pit is a covered chamber or trench located in the lower-most point of a building – usually the basement car park. Its job is to collect excess water that has entered the building, so that the sump pump located within or beside the pit can drain it to a suitable location (such as a storm water drain).

A working sump pit and pump system is vital in times of heavy rainfall or other events that can cause significant water flow. Rising groundwater and surface run off can cause damage to the building, create an unsafe environment for people and cars, and contribute to the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew in the building.

Regular inspection of the sump pit and pump system is necessary to make sure the system doesn’t fail. Eastlink Air will comprehensively assess sump pit and cover, check that floats and valves are clean and working correctly, and test the performance of the pump system. Sump pump failure can cause major disruption and damage. We will make sure that when your system is needed – it is ready to perform.