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Managing the threat of dangerous smoke

The greatest threat to human life posed by a building fire is not from the flames and heat of the fire itself – it’s from the smoke. Smoke contains a range of dangerous and toxic products of combustion including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride and nitrogen oxides. These substances are corrosive, irritating eyes and the respiratory system, and cause dizziness confusion and nausea. Carbon monoxide is the deadliest component of smoke. It is a tasteless and odorless gas which prevents the human body from absorbing sufficient oxygen. Carbon monoxide can become deadly within minutes.  

A mechanical smoke control system uses either the building’s HVAC system or dedicated smoke control fans to extract smoke from the building and stop its spread to other parts of the building. A working smoke control system effectively reduces the amount of smoke in the building, and keeps escape routes free of smoke and toxic gases. EastlinkAir provide comprehensive inspection and testing of a building’s smoke control system to ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS 1851 and protect occupants from dangerous smoke inhalation.