Residential Air Conditioning

Serious Power for Optimum Comfort

Split ducted air conditioners provide serious fire power for those who don’t want to comprise on comfort. These units can handle the hottest of summer days – no sweat! A ducted air conditioning system circulates cool, refrigerated air throughout your whole house to create an even, pleasant climate.

A ducted air conditioning system is elegant and discrete. Units can usually be hidden within the roof cavity of your home. They are relatively quiet to operate and do not produce condensation or dampness.

Turn your air conditioner to “reverse cycle” in winter, and enjoy cozy warmth throughout Melbourne’s colder months. A ducted air conditioner gives you the power to quickly adjust the temperature in your home at the press of a button. Ducted air conditioners are the premium choice for comfort all year round.

These systems are more expensive to run and install and have a relatively higher initial investment, however their performance is unbeatable. Zoning can help reduce your power-bill. Simply select the areas of your home you’d like to heat or cool, to save power.

Why Choose Split Ducted Air Conditioning?

  • Powerful and effective
  • Refrigerated air conditioning
  • Heating and cooling
  • No condensation
  • Zoning to save on running costs
  • Discrete and attractive

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